Friday, January 04, 2008

The Kite Runner (Soundtrack) by Alberto Iglesias

The Kite Runner (Soundtrack) by Alberto Iglesias Catching the Essence of Kites
Review by Christopher Coleman

THE KITE RUNNER was not what I expected. The film, of course was adapted from author Kahled Hosseini's first novel which was first published in 2003. I only had a rough idea of the film's setting and its well-marketed images had me thinking (and hoping) for a somewhat lighthearted tale about two friends who flew kites in Afghanistan. That element does exist, but it is rather short lived while a barrage of other tones and emotions take over the film - ranging from outrage, to disgust, to pity, to heartbreak. THE KITE RUNNER, in the end, is a brutally sad tale, with a hint of hope and measure of redemption by the films end. Helping to traverse this wide range of emotions and exotic setting is ALBERTO IGLESIAS' eclectic score.

Composer ALBERTO IGLESIAS has done most of his work for Spanish cinema but has been a part of a few well-known projects. In 2006, he wrote the score the well-nominated and awarded film VOLVER and was nominated for an Academy Award for his score for THE CONSTANT GARDENER in 2005. This, his major project for 2007, seems to also have him headed for a busy award season. In fact, THE KITE RUNNER has already garnered Iglesias a SATELLITE AWARD for BEST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK. Nominations and awards aside, his latest score is as different from VOLVER as itself was different from THE CONSTANT GARDENER.

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