Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MovieScore Media: 3 New Releases

MovieScore Media: 3 New Releases

Moviescore Media has three new releases worth a few moments of your time...

THE KILLING OF JOHN LENNON by Martin Kiszko is a predominantly dark and foreboding score, as one might anticipate, but there are also a handful of lighter musical moments to enjoy as well.

THE KILLING FLOOR by Michael Wandmacher continues our little morbid theme but this score, overall, has a bit more sustenance than the previously mentioned title. In fact, one can feel a bit of a Bourne-vibe in the main titles. Don't be mistaken though, this score gets down and dark with the best of them.

TREASURED ISLAND by Nicholas Dodd (yes THAT Nicholas Dodd) is a pretty rousing score that features big and bold orchestral moments, but also some pretty contemporary licks as well. You might really enjoy the ride here with nods to Williams (or is that Giacchino), and to Goldsmith's theme for the Ba'ku (who is that? See Star Trek: Insurrection). This is certainly one of Moviescore Media's more entertaining recent releases!

Check out the official site for soundclips and much more info...

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