Sunday, January 20, 2008

New STAR TREK movie site online...sort of.

New STAR TREK site
First off, before I get all sorts of emails and comments from you true-Trekkies, I fully realize that 12-25-08 isn't in proper stardate-format, but that's the date 99.9% will have some clue about! Thankfully, I don't know what the right format would be! :)

Paramount has just opened up their new site for director J.J. Abrams STAR TREK. As of now the site only offers a short, but "engaging" little flash opening and a chance to sign up for updates. I have to admit, for a teaser site that barely teases, I felt a little shiver when I first visited it. Just seeing the logo gets me whistling Jerry Goldsmith's memorable title theme. Mr. Giacchino, you have quite a job ahead of you!
So do you think Giacchino will incorporate that theme along with Alexander Courage's series-title motif? Or do his own thing?
They also launched a Facebook page, so you can "beam" on over there, if that's your choice for online socialization.
Enjoy the next 11 months of hype!

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