Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar Nominees for Best Original Score

Ok. I'll admit it. I desperately look forward to the yearly nominee announcements from the Globies and the Oscars. Some of you might be asking, "Why? They are so dreadfully wrong year after year."
That's precisely it, my friends...especially when it comes to the BEST ORIGINAL SCORE category. It's like watching NASCAR for the wrecks (I mean why else would anyone watch?). It's like rubber-necking at a traffic accident. We know its going to be bad, but we cannot refrain from looking.
Listen...do you hear the approach of screeching tires........
Nominees for Best Original Score:
Atonement - Dario Marianelli
The Kite Runner - Alberto Iglesias
Michael Clayton - James Newton Howard
Ratatouille - Michael Giacchino
3:10 to Yuma - Marco Beltrami
Let me say this about "this year's wreck." First, "Hah! I told you all who argued with me about THE KITE RUNNER getting a nomination...deserving or not. Don't be at all shocked if it wins." Second, "Michael Clayton? Seriously?" SCRREEEEEEEEECH! Third, mad props to Michael Giacchino and Marco Beltrami on getting nominated. Not Giacchino's best, but perhaps one of Beltrami's. Nice to see some new names in the mix.
OK...my own twisted satisfaction will see THE KITE RUNNER win at the expense of the most deserving from this list of nominees, ATONEMENT. Hopefully there will be a show to actually watch this tragedy. Who wants to just hear the screeching of tires?

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