Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Saving Sarah Cain (Soundtrack) by Mark McKenzie

Saving Sarah Cain (Soundtrack) by Mark McKenzie
I received a nice email from composer MARK MCKENZIE today announcing the availability of one of his most recent projects, SAVING SARAH CAIN. Be sure to check out our home page, as he has graciously given me permssion to stream 4 tracks from the soundtrack release! Always good music from Mr. McKenzie!

Health, Laughter, Peace and Prosperity to you in this new year!!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my 15th Original Soundtrack. The Word Ent. / Warner-Curb Records release of SAVING SARAH CAIN is available today on itunes, amazon and most anywhere records are sold. The music is very gentle, pastoral, meditative and romantic and also includes 3 great songs by the artists "Point of Grace," "Barlow Girl" and "Building 429."

This beautiful 20th Century Fox / Lifetime Amish movie directed by Michael Landon Jr. stars Academy Award nominated actors Elliot Gould and Tess Harper and introduces the beautiful Lisa Pepper. . .

Best Regards,

Mark McKenzie

A note from director Michael Landon Jr.

Once again, I have wisely entrusted the music score of one of my films to Mark McKenzie, a composer with understanding for both story and character. This is my second collaboration with Mark (the first being THE LAST SIN EATER which I encourage you to listen to – it’s nothing short of breathtaking) and unlike many composers of today, he shines in both his melodies and his musical range. I believe that art whether it is in a movie or a painting, or a song, has the ability to express the purest part of the human soul – the part of us that is
closest to our Creator. I believe Mark shares this aspect of himself without apology. Along with his deft orchestration and emotionally nuanced score, this soundtrack features songs from some of today’s finest contemporary Christian artists whose music complement Mark’s score and encourages faith, hope, and love with tremendous beauty and power.

A note from Composer Mark McKenzie

"My hope is that Michael and Brian’s deeply moving film SAVING SARAH CAIN and this music score will bring some peaceful, tender, meditative beauty as you listen. The Amish have an admirably strong faith in God and commitment to live peaceful, simple and loving lives. For that reason, it seemed most effective to compose peaceful, simple, loving, and almost meditative music with gentle melodies, muted strings, sensitively performed woodwinds, piano solos and a faint, ethereal, child soprano voice which serves as a subliminal reminder of
Sarah’s sister, Ivy.

For more music I’d like to invite you to http://www.markmckenzie.org/"

Los Angeles Studio Orchestra
Recording Engineer: Armin Steiner
Supervising Music Editor: Marc S. Perlman, MPSE
Music preparation: Gregg Nestor
Music Technical Advisor: David Russell
Contractor: John Rosenberg
Conductor: Eric Schmidt
Flute: Steve Kujala
Oboe: Tom Boyd
Piano: Mark McKenzie

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