Thursday, January 03, 2008

Top Stuff from 2007 # 8 - The Dark Knight Viral Marketing

Top Stuff from 2007 #8 - The Dark Knight: Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral marketing: THE DARK KNIGHT

Top Stuff from 2007 #8 - The Dark Knight: Viral Marketing CampaignThe only marketing campaign to outdo CLOVERFIELD was that of the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT. Also delivering tidbit microsites such as and, the marketeers for THE DARK KNIGHT have gone a few steps beyond by launching on online game which evetually end up in recruitment into a "real-world" organization of the Joker. In the game participants are provided addresses to real-world places that, provided you were the first to arrive, secured cell phones and other bits that then lead to further opportunities and tasks to accomplish on behalf of The Joker. Probably the coolest, most interactive, marketing ever for a film...and very cool stuff. As most of us have seen now, the trailer only provides further reason for high expectations for the film itself. Hopefully Batman's nemesis will provide Zimmer and company some great inspiration for the score as well.

Check back for #7 soon . . . (you might have to get up off your couch for this one)

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  1. The marketing is awesome. Can't wait to play the game and work for the Joker myself.

    You might also be interested to check out this Dark Knight fan site, it lists all the link to the mini sites for the movie.


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