Tuesday, February 12, 2008

George and the Dragon (Soundtrack) by Gast Waltzing

George and the Dragon (Soundtrack) by Gast Waltzing
This George is No Drag
Review by Christopher Coleman

The tale of the heroic George slaying a villainous dragon goes back centuries. Although the tale may most often be associated with the period of the Third Crusades, the essence of the myth reaches back to pre-Christian history. The Roman soldier who was to become Saint George had a far different experience to that of the more legendary George. Around the year 300, the poor fellow was tortured and executed at the hands of the cruel Roman Emperor Diocletian for maintaining his Christian faith. George's martyrdom is said to have caused the conversion of other notable Romans. All pretty serious stuff. Now, Tom Reeves' 2004 film, GEORGE AND THE DRAGON, contains the three main elements of the widely adopted legend: a princess, a dragon, and, of course, George. The film; however, is anything but serious on the surface. GEORGE AND THE DRAGON contains a rather interesting cast for a movie that very few have ever seen: Patrick Swayze, Piper Perabo, James Purefoy and Michael Clarke Duncan and even a cameo by Val Kilmer. The film is actually a quaint little adventure-comedy that isn't quite as tongue-in-cheek as say THE PRINCESS BRIDE, but it does have more laugh-out-loud moments than one might anticipate. It's clear that Tom Reeves and co. were not working with a huge budget (that or they spent most of it on their cast) as the production value and CG work leaves quite a bit to be desired. But the film's true value is in its writing and performances (save Patrick Swayze's attempt at a being English Nobility...even fairy-tale-nobility) and its score by GAST WALTZING.

MOVIESCORE MEDIA found this little gem lounging around unreleased and was wise in picking it up and making it a part of their "Discovery Collection." GAST WALTZING has delivered a very entertaining score - start to finish. As with any good knight and dragon movie, the score is ripe with solid character themes and engaging action cues. And beyond many scores of this genre, the composer is able to keep the score engaging throughout, making it one of the best listening experiences of an entire soundtrack that I've had recently. GAST WALTZING's score hits all the right beats for Reeves' quirkily-entertaining film. You can journey emotionally with the characters while still being able to perceive the director's "winks" to the audience throughout the film through Waltzing's music.

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