Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rambo (Soundtrack) by Brian Tyler

Franchises Don't Die. They Just...Don't Die.
Review by Christopher Coleman

"Nothing is over! Nothing!"

Those were John J. Rambo's spirited words back to ol' Col. Troutman...way back in Troutman and Rambo stood surrounded in the shot-up police headquarters in "Jerkwater, USA." Sure seems that Sylvester Stallone has taken those words to heart as he has, some 25 years later, finally brought his two iconic movie franchises: Rocky and Rambo, to a close. Now, when I first heard that another ROCKY movie was being made, I wept a little bit inside. ROCKY BALBOA came and went without much of any reaction from me. Some really seemed to feel the Rocky film had a fitting end and well executed. But, well, it sort of knocked me out...with boredom. Then I heard that another RAMBO was being made...and I wept inside...a lot. I was certain a true train-wreck of a film was on its way. Apparently, just like some "heroes" we know, some movie franchises just won't die. With one of the Hollywood's most beloved composers, Jerry Goldsmith, no longer around to write the score, I wept a little more. I couldn't help but think of the franchise being further butchered by some sort of hyper-electronic-grungy-guitar fest. However, with the announcement of BRIAN TYLER as composer, my inner-tears began to dry up.

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