Sunday, February 03, 2008

Soundtracks at the Super Bowl

Soundtracks Go to the Super Bowl

During the couple of hours of pre-game, prior to Super Bowl XLII, I started jotting things down on a napkin. Those around me thought I was jotting down "things to do" or football stats. And I was happy to let them think that. Truth was I was jotting down every movie theme I recognized during endless hours of Super Bowl coverage today.

If there was a need to find one more reason to love football, well, this might be it. It uses popular film music more and better than any other sport. (Or maybe I'm just looking for a silver-lining after the Giants robbed me of seeing history. It's highly likely that you and I will never see any team get this close to 19-0 again).

So here is a list that I wouldn't call exhaustive by any means, of the film music I was able to recognize during the Super Bowl coverage today:

  • Road to Perdition by Thomas Newman - tribute to those in the NFL who passed away in the last year.
  • Lawrence of Arabia by Maurice Jarre - a NASCAR spot, if you can believe that.
  • The Island - "My Name is Lincoln" - Video spot narrated by Russell Crowe about the Patriots pursuit of perfection. *Update! Thanks to melman, this piece has finally been nailed down!
  • Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot by John Williams - The reading The Declaration of Independence.
  • The Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer - Introduction of the New York Giants (Booooo!)
  • Unidentified music from Hans Zimmer or one of his Zimmerites - Introduction of the Patriots
  • Autobots Theme from Transformers by Steve Jablonsky - Troy Aikman piece for Fox
  • Rocky Theme by Bill Conti - Budweiser Clysdale and dalmation commercial.

...and with that the saddest day in my years of watching the Super Bowl comes to a close. The Patriots' historic run was ended by a team that had no business being there. But yet there they were and there they won. So I offer the best "congratulations" I can to the team that ruined history. Congrats Giants. Can't wait for my Cowboys to pound you down next year.

Ok...back to some music.


  1. As an Australian watching the 2008 superbowl I am interested to know which song from the Golden Age soundtrack was used for the "perfection" clip pre game narrated by Russell Crowe on Foxsports

  2. The song Perfection couldn't be found on the Golden Age. The song was also used in the opening of the Torino Olympics for NBC. Please let me know where the song can be found

  3. Oh...sorry for the confusion. I meant that the title of the video spot was called "Perfection" not the track from Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

    I was incorrect in stating that it was from the Elizabeth: The Golden Age soundtrack as well. It was actually from that film's theatrical trailer!

    The closest information I've been able to find on what that music was originall from is that it is from Jillinu Oru Khadal by A.R. Rahman.

    I will be updating my post momentarily...and if find the final answer, I'll post it.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  4. I again,

    The actual song is called "My name is Lincoln" by Steve Jablonski. The song is off The Island soundtrack which starred Ewan McGregor. In addition you can see the original piece with Russell crowes narration at

    Good Luck. Thanks Christopher for putting me on the right path initially


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