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Top Stuff from 2007 #1 - Peter Jackson and The Hobbit

Top Stuff of 2007 - #1 PETER JACKSON and THE HOBBIT

Top Stuff of 2007 - #1 PETER JACKSON and THE HOBBIT
The questions and rumors floated around for months. Would there be a Hobbit feature film and would Peter Jackson and New Line Studios ever work out their differences just in case there a film was green-lit?

Finally at the close of 2007, a great shout of joy swept across the kingdoms of this world as news hit the net that Peter Jackson would indeed be involved with New Line's THE HOBBIT. And not only THE HOBBIT but another film to boot! Oh yes this was indeed the coolest news of 2007.
Ok. So it wasn't perfect news. While it looks like PJ will only be producing and not directing, just having him involved at all brings buoyancy to the hopes of many... not only those who want to see these films done and done properly, but to many who want more from composer Howard Shore. Peter Jackson's involvement has all but cemented the fact that Howard Shore's music will sing out from Middle Earth again. Sure there are a mountain of legalities and contracts and other things that most fans don't care about that could get in the way, but come on! Who could even try to follow up Shore's monumental work for THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY? Only Shore could possibily live up to the ultra-high expectations that will be on music for these two films.

As you may remember, way back in 2006, Howard Shore mentioned to Tracksounds that he had already starting playing with themes and music for a Hobbit-film. Just think about what he's been doing (unofficially) since then?

So why is the Coolest news of 2007? Think about it with me. Now for the next 2 or 3 years, at the very least, we will be fully engaged in clamouring for every bit of HOBBIT movie news we can get ahold of and for every bit of score news as well. Fans can set their sites on 2010...their expectations again on the highest of settings...delighting in their sweet agony of patience. Then, with the release of movies come the original soundtracks. Then, the extended editions of the films will come to DVD. Then, the complete recordings of each score will follow. That single announcement has just set soundtrack-aholics up for the next 4 years.

So there you have it. The Coolest Stuff of 2007. You see, 2007 didn't suck so bad afterall.

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