Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's Going On?

Faith and Film Music
Yes...looks like not much is happening on the site, but there's quite a bit going on. So here is a quick update. With the holiday weekend, I've dropped into a lower gear, but I'm about to shift it up again.

Now, to commemorate the season, we've resurrected (not sure if that pun is intended or not) the special feature: FAITH AND FILM MUSIC. When you're winding down your day of services, family and friends , check it out. And if you are simply on "spring break" in some tropical locale somewhere...sober up for a minute and have a read.

There are a ton of things coming very soon, so here are a few teasers:

- THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM - We should have our interview with composer DAVID BUCKLEY (The Forbidden Kingdom, Town Creek) up as early as today...with a few exclusive sound clips from this exciting score!

- E.S. POSTHUMUS' CARTOGRAPHER - Look for a special announcement regarding your chance to ask E.S. POSTHUMUS (UNEARTHED) with LUNA SANS the questions you've been dying to. If your question is chosen to be a part of our interview, you'll win a copy of their latest CD, the 2-disc, CARTOGRAPHER! Details on the interview itself will come soon too.

- TYLER BATES - And even more interview-goodness...Be on the lookout for our interview with composer TYLER BATES as he shares about his work on DOOMSDAY, RISE OF THE ARGONAUTS (VG), WATCHMEN, and THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.

- THE BIG WRAP UP! Cue Awards - I know. It's taken much longer than I thought, but the BWU will be posted in the next couple of days...and you'll want to make sure you see just how close the competition was this year. Also...we reveal our "special guest" judge.

...and there's more where that came from. Stay tuned.

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