Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where are The Updates?

For those of you asking, "Where are the updates? Where is the Cue Awards: Big Wrap Up? Where are new reviews? Where? Where?"

Well, let me tell you...

I've recently returned from a working-vacation in the L.A. area (emphasis on the vacation was much needed). The vacation-side was full of eating out, watching flicks in state of the art movie theaters, checking out the USS Midway in San Diego, rock climbing (of the indoor variety) and other niceties. Yes...some fun stuff...but that's not all...

On the "working" side of things, I interviewed composer DAVID BUCKLEY, who was written the score for the upcoming flick THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM as well as Joel Schumacher's TOWN CREEK. David Buckley has been working with HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS for a number of years and has additional music credits on a number of well-known HGW projects. He's flying solo now and let me tell you his work for THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM is going to pleasantly surprise many of you! While I was not all that enthused with the film's concept and even initial trailer, having seen a good bit of footage with the score track, I have to say that it's going to be pretty decent film and a very entertaining score. Look for the interview in a week or so. Hopefully we'll be able to stream a few tracks from Buckely's score on the interview page.

I was also able to sit down with composer CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ for a few minutes. Chatting in his studio, he was certainly happy with the box office success of one of his most recent projects ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, but not more happy than with his first child - born a few weeks ago. I got a bit of a glimpse and listen to an upcoming project of his and let's just say this is probably going to be yet another hit for him and nice listening experience for us. Stay tuned for more on that project in the days and weeks to come.

Where are the reviews? - I have a number of reviews partially done so be on the lookout for 10,000 B.C, JUMPER, and THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES in the very near future. now you know the deal. I'll be getting to the BIG WRAP UP in the next few days as well.

Lots of cool stuff on the horizon, so keep your peepers fully peeped.

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