Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ask E.S. Posthumus and Win Cartographer (Autographed)

Ask E.S. Posthumus and Enter to Win CartographerThis ain't no April Fool's joke...

Have you had a question or two burning in your brain for the enigmatic group E.S. POSTHUMUS? Well, right now you have a chance to ask the group that brought you UNEARTHED and "Rise to Glory" (used as the title music for the NFL on CBS), your questions!

Questions from three qualifying entrants will be selected and added to our own interview questions. Each of the three will receive their own AUTOGRAPHED copy of E.S. POSTHUMUS' latest release, the 2-disc, CARTOGRAPHER - featuring Luna Sans.

The contest ends on APRIL 8, 2009 (just one week away) so get to thinkin' and get to askin' your questions soon!

Enter the Ask E.S. Posthumus Contest here!

(PS - be on the lookout for info about a special interview with LUNA SANS, too!)

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