Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cloverfield is coming April 22 - To DVD and not HD-DVD.

Just received an email from Paramount Pictures about their upcoming release of CLOVERFIELD. This is sure to be one of 2008's highest selling DVDs. If you didn't see it in the theater, I say don't bother unless you see it on a huge TV with an incredible sound system; otherwise, you'll be saying "What's the big friggin' deal?"

To HD or Not HD. That is the question.

Well, one of the big casualties to the "evil of blu" is that the CLOVERFIELD HD-DVD was eliminated by Paramount. What might also be lost are all of the special features that were to be a part of that release.

I'm sure CLOVERFIELD will also get a Blu-Ray release someday, but for the meanwhile, we'll either have to "slum it" with the DVD version or just wait. The only rumblings I've heard on the Blu-Ray front seem to mention this Summer. Good luck with that one. Most will be popping their paychecks to see Indy, Batty, Irony, and Speedy, by that time - not buying blu ray movies.


Also Paramount is holding an interesting contest where entrants submit a short video documenting where they were "When Cloverfield Hit." They even provide music and sound effects. Voting takes place on April 22, 2008. So head over to on that day to cast your vote...or better yet, grab your handycam and submit something.


Looks like there will also be some sort of release of MICHAEL GIACCHINO's 13 minute piece which played over the credits entitled, "Roar!" Errr...I'm thinking iTunes? :(

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