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Horton Hears a Who (Soundtrack) by John Powell

Horton Hears a Who (Soundtrack) by John Powell

Music to Yopp By
Review by Christopher Coleman

From his feature debut on FACE/OFF, to his collaborative efforts with HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS, to his more recent barrage of solo projects, composer JOHN POWELL has fast become one of the most prolific and innovative composers in Hollywood. While clearly capable of delivering decent music for films in the romantic-comedy genre (P.S. I Love You) or action-dramas (The Bourne Series), some would say that Powell's creativity shines brightest when working in the genre of animated features. Some of his more celebrated scores have come from the burgeoning world of 3-D animation and include ANTZ, CHICKEN RUN, and SHREK. More recently, Powell has continued to provide an entertaining musical voice for his animated projects. 2008 is no different with two major 3-D animated films on the composers slate: his collaborative effort with Hans Zimmer for KUNG FU PANDA and the re-imagining of the classic from Dr. Suess - HORTON HEARS A WHO.

If the comedic line up of Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey wasn't enough to get you excited about the possibilities for unending spontaneous humor, then hopefully the announcement of JOHN POWELL as composer got you excited about the possibility of unending, genre-bending, underscore. As you might well come to expect for a feature like this, Powell leaves few stones unturned, and fewer stops un-pulled. HORTON HEARS A WHO is just full of the brand of zany-ness that animation composer-pioneers like: Scott Bradley, Raymond Scott and Carl Stalling would deliver, if they were writing today.

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