Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Label of the Concord Jazz?

Fact, Fiction, or Foolishness?

Before I called it a night, just thought I'd post something on the topic of "Just who is releasing the upcoming INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL soundtrack?"

If you were like me, it was a foregone conclusion that, of course, SONY CLASSICAL would nab this potential mega-seller. I hadn't given it any thought at all.

Well, today there seems to have been quite the uproar about the label CONCORD RECORDS or CONCORD JAZZ releasing the John Williams score...and possibly re-releasing the 3 previous Indiana Jones scores.

If Concord doesn't do it...somebody better!

Well, I reached Concord Records only to find out that they couldn't confirm anything at this time. So there wasn't a denial there either. Not much to it then, it seems. Oh, but add to this the fact that almighty AMAZON already HAD their product page up and credited Concord Jazz and that the entry has been updated accordingly as well and that's pretty strong evidence.

(I just went and looked at again...and they've taken down some of the detail including the credit to Concord Jazz. It was definitely there about 4 hours ago.)

I have it from one other industry source that this is, in fact, a done-deal and that Concord will indeed be releasing the next Indiana Jones soundtrack. The biggest deal with this news is just how this label came out of nowhere to get this title. That and the potential re-release of the previous scores is certainly something to get your ears salivating. Eh?

As soon as I get something official, you can bet it will be posted here. For now, I say start saving thy denarii!

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