Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prince Caspian Game to Bonus Footage and Score Info

Prince Caspian Game to Bonus Footage and Score Info
In case you needed more PRINCE CASPIAN coverage today...Variety reports that the upcoming official game tie in for THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN will feature a couple of new scenes shot specifically for the game...a la ENTER THE MATRIX. It's a wonder more game tie-ins have not jumped into this.

Not sure how this game will fair in the end, BUT of note is composer MARK GRISKEY's score. Griskey has been quite busy this year with this project, IRON MAN (GAME), THE INCREDIBLE HULK (GAME) and STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED. Is that a nomination for Breakout Composer of the Year...or Outstanding Composer I hear being made?

Check out the official video game site
where you can hear some of Mark Griskey's score.

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  1. I'm not sure about everything turning into a game, but the soundtracks you mentioned are very good. I can't wait to see if Ironman lives up to the hype. Now I'll also be paying attention to the soundtrack.

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