Sunday, May 25, 2008

Howard Shore Returns to Middle Earth to score THE HOBBIT

Howard Shore Returns to Middle Earth to score THE HOBBIT
In one of the bigger film music announcements of 2008, director Guillermo Del Toro and producer Peter Jackson have confirmed composer HOWARD SHORE's involvement on the next two films of the franchise: THE HOBBIT and the untitled sequel.

Indeed this is good news, but perhaps the biggest film-music-no-brainers ever, too! Well, let the hype, speculation, and debates begin. We have until 2010 before THE HOBBIT and its score is ready, but again, as mentioned in our interview with Howard Shore, he had been toying with ideas for the hobbit way back in 2006.

With this many years to "toy around" and now a couple more to get serious with, THE HOBBIT and sequel should be spectacular. This announcement would have to place these two projects at the top of just about everyone's "most anticipated" list.

You can check the full transcription of the chat hosted by WETA with both the director and producer here. Lots of cool preliminary info.

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