Monday, May 12, 2008

New Indiana Jones DVD Set - The Adventure Collection

New Indiana Jones DVD Set - The Adventure Collection
You knew a new set of DVDs was inevitable...only you probably expected it to come out when INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL was released to DVD. can bet that is going to happen, too, but for now...there's a new 4 Disc set that contain the first three films + some new extras and not previously released (even in the 4 disc set from a few years back). Unless you are the heartiest of Indy fans, you may want to hold off for the inevitable set that will include Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Of course if you are "the heartiest of Indy fans"
you can pre-order yours here!

The real question is, "When is that 4 disc collectors soundtrack set coming out?"

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  1. Indeed, I have seen a couple of mentions of Concorde re-releasing the other three again but no word on whether they would be expanded releases.

    Would love them to do a release like the Lord Of The Rings Complete Recordings sets but I guess there probably isn't the same sort of demand :)


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