Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speed Racer (Soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino - Review

Speed Racer (Soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino - Review
Giacchino, Go!
Review by Christopher Coleman

SPEED RACER, the score, is nothing like what I expected, and just about everything I dared not to hope for. Ah those tricky, tricky, Wachowski's. A complete modernization of the franchise was not what they had in mind at all. It was certainly modernized in terms of the visuals. Being a cross between DICK TRACY and SPY KIDS, the film felt more like watching an extended video game cut-scene than a live-action feature. With hyper-real colors, disconcerting editing and non-stop screen wipes, the film found at least some grounding in MICHAEL GIACCHINO's predominantly acoustic score. Thankfully, for this SPEED RACER revival, Giacchino pays due homage to NOBUYOSHI KOSHIBE's original themes from the 1960's television series, delivering a full-throttled, retro-score.

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