Thursday, June 19, 2008


Composer David Buckley's top-notch score for THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM will be released very soon! The score will be released in two formats: a digital download and an exclusive CD release sometime in early July 2008.

Our review of the promo for THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM has been the most read soundtrack review at Tracksounds in the last month, so this news should make a lot of new fans happy.

The official track listing:

01 The Mountain of Fruit & Flowers    1:43
02 The Peach Banquet 1:46
03 Monkey Business 4:31
04 China Begins 4:11
05 Hops' Shop 3:07
06 J&J Temple Fight 5:34
07 The Legend of the Temple Staff 1:59
08 Two Tigers - Two Masters 2:49
09 Tea House Fight 5:07
10 The Tyranny of War 5:23
11 Don't Forget to Breathe 0:52
12 Ni Chang & Her Cult Killers 4:35
13 Drunken Master Wounded 3:40
14 The Seeker of the Prophecy 5:05
15 Let the Journey Begin 2:37
16 Monkey King Released 2:27
17 Battle of the Bride 3:01
18 Her Destiny was Written 4:12
19 As one tale ends... 2:46
20 ... Another tale begins 1:35

Stay tuned for more details on purchasing options and exact release dates!

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  1. This is really great news. I've been waiting for this score quite some time now. I cannot wait to pick it up.


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