Saturday, July 05, 2008

Official Soundtrack Site for THE DARK KNIGHT

Official Soundtrack Site for THE DARK KNIGHT
For quite some time I've been hoping to score some official clips or tracks from Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's latest effort - THE DARK KNIGHT that I could share with you. Alas there have been a handful of leaks of the music already... and now the official soundtrack site has been launched.

This offers clips from four tracks and I'd guess give us a solid glimpse as to what to expect from the score as a whole. Looks like there will be four releases: CD, limited edition CD, digital download, and LP.

You can check out the official THE DARK KNIGHT SOUNDTRACK here.

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  1. I have the new The Dark Night Soundtrack!

    It’s really effing good.

    It has 50 minutes of unreleased music from the movie and 4 unreleased released remixes by The Crystal Method, Paul Van Dyk, as well as a 40 page book of stills from the motion picture. You have to get this if you are a real fan!!! I promise you will love it.
    Check this out at:


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