Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Duchess by Rachel Portman

The Duchess by Rachel Portman
Now, I usually avoid movies set in the Georgian or Victorian era like the plague and my gut reaction to THE DUCHESS was no different. After watching the trailer and listening to composer RACHEL PORTMAN's unassuming but heart-felt score; however, I may just have to break with my somewhat narrow-tradition.

Seeing Keira Knightly in such garb is hardly groundbreaking (although I much rather see her in such a role than, say, Kirsten Dunst or Hilary Swank). What is surprising is that composer Dario Marianelli isn't penning the score, but the selection of Rachel Portman is a solid one. Mixed with some great photography and a decent script, THE DUCHESS may not end up being half bad, but don't expect me to make seeing these overstuffed-whig-laden-flicks a habit. The original soundtrack will be released by LAKESHORE RECORDS on September 16, 2008.

You can check out the trailer below or

Pre-order THE DUCHESS soundtrack here.

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