Sunday, August 03, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Music Clips Online

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Music Clips Online has recently posted clips form the upcoming STAR WARS: THE CLONES WARS feature film soundtrack. The site allows you to preview every track and even rate them. THE CLONE WARS score was composed by KEVIN KINER and clearly keeps in line with Lucas' desire to take the franchise in "new directions." There are certainly moments of the big, symphonic variety that IS Star Wars, but, at the same time, this music IS NOT what most have come to associate with the characters and story. Early on, there are a couple partial quotes and occasional variations of famous motifs, but the majority of the 32 track samples contain a decidedly "world-beat" edge to them. And if that doesn' t do it for you, perhaps sleazy jazz, or big band will.

Thus far the buzz hasn't been very good for STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS itself, but I'm even more curious as to what the reaction of SW fans will be over the re-inventing of the musical element. As it stands, the music is certainly "interesting," but far, far away from the galaxy we've been visiting for 30 years.

So what do you think about this music?

Check out the clips here

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