Thursday, August 21, 2008

Variety Interviews Game Composers

Variety Interviews Game Composers
VARIETY has just posted an interesting article regarding the state of video game music as described by some well-known game composers...and feature film composers. Mentioned in the article are composers such as: HOWARD SHORE, MICHAEL GIACCHINO, HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ, LAURA KARPMAN and GERARD MARINO.

Some brow-furrowers from the article:

Music budgets have risen from $30,000 (in the early '90s) to $1 million in some cases today, execs say. Composers tend to be paid by the minute, but with games requiring 90 minutes-120 minutes of music each, the $1,000- to $2,000-per-minute rate quickly adds up to creative fees in excess of $100,000.

Debney committed to writing the music for the knights-and-dragons game "Lair," but has turned down subsequent projects because there are no provisions for backend payments for successful games (as composers receive, via ASCAP and BMI, for successful films and TV shows). "The game companies are extremely resistant," he says. "I don't know if it'll change. It's a big problem."

Gerard Marino, whose "God of War" games are among the most popular (and whose music is featured on "Video Games Live"), recently heard a fellow composer complain that "there is no middle class anymore." His response: "Well, I think there is. It's games."

Also mentioned is that CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ will be scoring the QUANTUM OF SOLACE tie-in game.

There's more so check out the full article here!

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