Tuesday, September 09, 2008

10 Seconds of Gatchaman

10 Seconds of Gatchaman
Slated for 2010 (pushed back from 2009 apparently), is Imagi Studios 3D Animated project, GATCHAMAN. For most of us westerners, the title of BATTLE OF THE PLANETS is going to be more familiar than GATCHAMAN...or perhaps you'll remember the name G-FORCE? (Not to be confused with the "G-Force" coming out in 2009 which is about special-ops GUINEA PIGS!).

Imagi Studios brought the most recent animated version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the big screen and are also reviving ASTRO BOY, which will come in 2009.

Below you can see a 10 second teaser of a teaser...utilizing Steve Jablonsky's Autobot theme from TRANSFORMERS. I have to say that little bit has got my interest up. It definitely looks like it has some Speed Racer influences...but no live actors...which I think is the better route to go in this case.

So how does this little clip make you feel? Who might make a good choice for the score's composer? Whoever it is, I hope they make use of Hoyt Curtain and Bob Sakuma's original themes from the late 70s cartoon series.

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