Sunday, September 28, 2008

Howard Shore has begun work on THE HOBBIT

Howard Shore has begun work on THE HOBBIT

The good folks at THEONERING.NET have posted a transcript of a recent inteview with composer HOWARD SHORE regarding the status of THE HOBBIT score. Apparently, things are moving! Of course, way back before the Peter Jackson/Newline skif, he mentioned in our interview with him, that he was already playing around with ideas. With so much time to be mulling and tinkering (and now getting down to the business at hand) my hopes for THE HOBBIT score are starting to soar.

Here is a bit of the conversation with

"Yes I am starting to work on the Hobbit. A lot of the group is coming back together to work on it. It’s really a wondrous occasion. It’s fantastic guide for me to be able to go back to Middle earth and create more music , ‘cause these films, the films, are placed before Fellowship of the Ring, so I have to go back into Middle earth a little earlier and pick up my writing, and write a piece that would grow and take you right into Fellowship of the Ring."

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