Monday, September 01, 2008

Lord of the Rings: Conquest with music by Howard Shore

Composer Howard Shores epic score from the LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY will be getting a "new" context in a few short weeks. EA's LORD OF THE RINGS: CONQUEST is a new video game developed by Pandemic in the tradition of STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT.

Whether or not any additional music is being composed for the game has not been revealed. EA's implementation of Shore's music for the BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH series was more than adequate, but even if they do add a few new pieces hopefully they'll bring in JAMIE CHRISTOPHERSON once again...who likewise did a great job on BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH I and II. (BFME II still remains a favorite of mine, so if any of you are also into it and want to go a few rounds, just lay your challenge down here and I'll see you on Xbox Live.)

For now, enjoy the first teaser trailer for the game below or pre-order yours here.

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