Friday, October 24, 2008

Epic News: Gears of War to become Legendary?

Epic News: Gears of War to become Legendary?

And the two shall become one...

Here's a bit more news on the convergence of the film and gaming industries. Once again, Variety reports that apparently, LEGENDARY PICTURES is in acquisition negotiations with EPIC GAMES - the developers who blessed the world with their Unreal engines and also gave us the GEARS OF WAR and UNREAL TOURNAMENT game franchises.

The GEARS OF WAR movie was put into the pipeline some time ago, but if this acquisition happens, it will be the first time a film-financing company invests in video games (according to the Variety article).

The blurring of the gaming and film worlds continues. While there has yet to be a truly great film (or respective film score) based on a video game yet, I see this trend as mostly a good thing. We essentially get two shots at getting at least one decent score for any one franchise.

Read the full article here

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