Thursday, October 09, 2008

Interview with Composer Jeff Beal

Interview with Composer Jeff Beal

Composer Jeff Beal returns to work with actor/director Ed Harris on APPALOOSA. He shares about his work relationship with the director, Harris, the challenges of writing a score for a Western, and what he'd like to do next.

Here's an exerpt...

CC: How did you come to work on APPALOOSA? Was it because of your previous collaboration with director/actor ED HARRIS for POLLOCK?

JEFF BEAL: Yes. Exactly. I had hoped that we'd work together again, but POLLOCK was his first film as a director, so I never knew if it would happen. One thing about Ed (Harris) is that he is very loyal to people he cares about and whose work he likes. There are actually a number of people who worked on Pollock who he has brought back for APPALOOSA.

CC: How is it working with Ed Harris?

JEFF BEAL: It was a real treat. I have worked with several different directors multiple times and there's a bit more of a personal connection that is forged when you go through this process together. There's a bit of a short-hand that's developed between you and the amount of safety you feel in working together. I definitely felt that way in this movie. As much as I loved working on POLLOCK, this one was a real treat.

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