Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Awesomeness and Bodaciousness! Kung Fu Panda Sequel

More Awesomeness and Bodaciousness!  Kung Fu Panda Sequel reports that a sequel to the surprisingly successful KUNG FU PANDA is in development...and will be released in 3-D to boot...but not until 2011.

Unlike some of the sequels announced from Pixar, I'm pretty excited for this news. With all the hub-bub over WALL-E (much deserved as it was), I don't think KUNG FU PANDA received the attention it should have (well, maybe I ought to finish my own review of the score before I complain). Suffice it to say, I thought KUNG FU PANDA was very well done and right up there with Shrek.

While Wall-E was a dramatic piece of digital art, really, I have to say I had a load more fun watching the Panda. Hans Zimmer and John Powell's score was fairly entertaining too. I had some doubts about both this film and its score given Dreamworks Animation's previous lackluster efforts.

So does this mean the duo will return score part 2? I'd be fine with it. Would do you say?

Read Variety's article here

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