Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gran Torino by Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens (Soundtrack Review)

Gran Torino by Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens (Soundtrack Review)

Whispers through Gran Torino
Review by Christopher Coleman

Seeing the name of GRAN TORINO brings back childhood memories for me. No - not so much of one of the hottest TV cars of all-time in Starsky & Hutch, but of one my folks owned. I have some pretty fond memories of going to drive-in theaters with my family in that Ford staple as little kid. The instant I saw the title, something was hooked in me and as it turns out both the themes of memories and family are two of the main themes of Clint Eastwood's latest project. Seeing the grizzled and hardened stare of Clint Eastwood down the sites of a large firearm also brings back memories of 70s movie icon, Dirty Harry. It’s not much of a stretch to envision Eastwood’s character in GRAN TORINO, as what Dirty Harry would have been like after he retired. Certainly not the biggest stretch for the actor, GRAN TORINO displays Eastwood the way we like to see him most. Even moreso than his last starring (and directing) role in MILLION DOLLAR BABY, Eastwood offers up hard core, no holds barred, intensity, but again finds a way to give his character enough heart to make him embraceable. Now, when it comes to the film's music, as many of you might have come to expect. this Eastwood score reflects much more of the “heart” than it does it’s edgier side. With the director’s chair and starring role on his plate again, Eastwood left the musical duties in the hands of long-time, collaborator, MICHAEL STEVENS and son, KYLE EASTWOOD.

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