Saturday, January 17, 2009

OSN Interviews Geoff Zanelli Composer for Outlander

OSN Interviews Geoff Zanelli Composer for Outlander

Move over October, it appears January now belongs to monsters.

Last year (almost a year ago to the day), we were pleasantly surprised with J J Abrams monster-movie-revival, CLOVERFIELD. For 2009, we get dragons. While it originally released in Europe in 2008, OUTLANDER is scheduled for release in select US cities in January 23, 2009.

After watching the trailer, of course I asked myself, "Who's writing the music for this crazy sci-fi-viking-thriller?" A quick search turned up GEOFF ZANELLI. The next question was "Wonder what direction he will go." So...I came across this interview with Outlander.Solsector.Net, which gives a more than a few clues. Also included are six soundclips from the score courtesy of Lalaland Records who is reportedly releasing the original soundtrack for OUTLANDER.

Call me crazy...but I see "guilty pleasure" written all over this film. As for the me crazy, but this just might be the year's first doable sci-fi/action score.

Check out the interview and clips here.

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