Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Should Score Star Wars: Episode VII?

A couple of weekends ago, I got the strangest feeling...one I hadn't felt since...

Anyway, that feeling was to marathon the prequels and so I did. Episodes I - III. ( I fell asleep during Episode III, but don't worry, I know what happens.)

When I got to ATTACK OF THE CLONES, I started really paying attention to the score. Oh the pain! I had forgotten what a butcher-job they had to JOHN WILLIAMS' music. The music editing is nothing short of a crime and I'd still really like to hear what Williams came up with for the final battle on Geonosis. The amount of re-used music in ATTACK OF THE CLONES and REVENGE OF THE SITH is just shame. Even though Williams doesn't write the way he used to, "George, you still have JOHN WILLIAMS for crying out loud. Utilize him!"

Well, after that, I started to think about the future of STAR WARS...for adults, that is. (Clearly THE CLONE WARS is meant for kids and I have been able to stomach only one episode thus far. The idiotic droid army and their ridiculous one-liners just irritates me too much to watch.) Although there is a live-action, television show coming as well, the real future lay in another feature film or films. Why not film THE FORCE UNLEASHED (and it's sequels?). Why not jump back to the future and do an Episode VII? Now there's a thought. If they did, let me ask you to ponder two questions:

First, who you like to see take the directorial reigns? Peter Jackson? Steven Spielberg? J.J. Abrams? Zack Snyder? Jon Favreau? M. Night Shyamalan? Darren Aronofsky? Brad Bird? James Cameron? Who?

Second, who would be the best choice to score such a picture? There is no shortage of composers who could do it. Here are some names that I think should be considered. First, some of the more well-known: MICHAEL GIACCHINO, DON DAVIS, might do a nice job of it. And here are some others that could probably be true to tradition but yet add something fresh: MARK GRISKEY, JAMIE CHRISTOPHERSON, or CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ.

I asked this question on TWITTER not too long ago and addition to the composers I've already listed, a few other suggested composers were: JOEL MCNEELY, BRIAN TYLER, and WILLIAM ROSS.

So what say you? Who directs? Who composes?

It's ok to dream.


  1. I would love to see a combination of Mark Griskey and Jeremy Soule. Their work on the Knights of the Old Republic games was outstanding.

  2. Oh dear. I have been successful thus far in NEVER viewing ANY of the Star Wars films, and yet, as this question is being asked I am left with no feeling other than, perhaps it is time to indulge. After all, I could not possibly give an honest answer without being familiar with the visual material.

  3. John williams is better now than what he was in the 80's! his score for revenge of the sith is some of the best music i have heard! if john williams died and couldn't make the music,cause he would be my first choise, i think mark griskey should do it. he is a great composer with experience from sw force unleashed and kotor II

  4. I don't get the idea of not using John williams. Why shouldnt he? he is clearly the most capable person on this planet to make wonderfoul score for episode 7. i think they should change music editor not john williams!

    in the directors chair, Steven Spielberg would do a great job, i think.

  5. For director, someone who can get the most out of the actors is a must. Lucas just couldn't do it with the gang he had for Ep 1-3.

    Composer? How about Michael Kamen?

  6. Hmmm. Are you just messing around?


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