Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Capcom's Lost Planet 2 - Music by Soundelux

Capcom's Lost Planet 2 - Music by Soundelux

It's all about Capcom right now. With RESIDENT EVIL 5 and the return of STREET FIGHTER IV, the company has to be pretty happy 'bout now. If that weren't enough for gamers to delight over, Capcom decided to drop a special announcement on Xbox Live a couple of days ago...

A sequel for the hit game LOST PLANET is under development...and by the looks of the announcement footage...is well on the way. I have a special place for LOST PLANET as it was really the first X360 game I invested uncountable hours in...without ever finishing the game.

I also enjoyed JAMIE CHRISTOPHERSON's original score for the game, so it was nice to see that SOUNDELUX is handling the sound elements of the game...including the musical score. Let's hope that means Jamie Christopherson will be back on E.D.N. III.

The music in the trailer doesn't seem to be directly from the first game (I could be wrong...it's been a long time), but definitely features the game's title theme. All good signs.

Stay tuned as I'll definitely post more info on this project as it becomes available.

No release date has been given for the game yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it come before the year is over.

You can find the announcement trailer all over the net. Just google "Lost Planet 2."

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