Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video Game Orchestra Performs Live

Video Game Orchestra Performs Live

I recently received an email from composer DUNCAN WATT (BROTHERS IN ARMS: HELL'S HIGHWAY) about an upcoming concert at the Berkless Performance Center on March 5, 2009. If you're in the Boston area, you might want to check it out.

Hi everyone - I'm happy to announce the Video Game Orchestra will be performing some material I've worked on from Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway on March 5th, at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. the 90-piece (!) ensemble will be playing a wide variety of video game music, including pieces from some wonderful composers, including Jack Wall (who I believe will be guest-conducting his material), Gerard Marino, Keith Zizza, and many others.

Full information below - I hope to meet some of you there!



Boston, MA, February 5, 2009 – Donkey Kong will swing – think Ellington, not Tarzan – and the music of retro Nintendo titles and Playstation mega-hits alike will be brought to life when the Video Game Orchestra (VGO) hits the stage, March 5, at Berklee. The 90-member VGO comprises a 45-piece orchestra, 40-piece choir, and 5-piece rock band, with players from over 20 countries who are students at Berklee, Boston University, Boston Conservatory, and New England Conservatory. The concert is $10 and all ages and takes place on March 5, 8:15 p.m., at the Berklee Performance Center, located at 136 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. Please call 617-747-2261 or visit for show information.

Prominent composers from the video game industry have arranged music for the show and will be in the audience, including Gerard Marino (God of War), Keith Zizza (Caesar IV, Sim City Societies), Duncan Watt (Brothers in Arms), and Jack Wall (Mass Effect), co-creator of Video Games Live, a national tour that showcases video game music.

For more information, visit:


  1. Have you ever heard of/been to video games live? they were in boston in november, and it was pretty much the best concert i've ever been to. have you guys heard the cd? the album's fantastic.

  2. Yes Steven. The conductor, Jack Wall from Video Games Live will be in this Video Game Orchestra show! :)


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