Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Matrix on Blu Ray - Why you might want to pick it up.

The Matrix on Blu Ray - Why you might want to pick it up.

Not so long ago, I picked up THE ULTIMATE MATRIX on HD-DVD...as some of you poor souls may have. Then, of course, HD-DVD died (err...was taken out by Sony and some other hidden shooter on a grassy knoll.) Still, I resolved that I would not be buying THE MATRIX when it inevitably came out on the Blue usurper.

Today, Warner released a 10th Anniversary edition of THE MATRIX on Blu Ray. And all of the content contained therein was available in THE ULTIMATE MATRIX COLLECTION released on Blu Ray last year, so I got to asking myself, "Why should I bother with this one?" Thinking that I'd give myself a speedy answer of "There is no spoon...nor a reason. Next." But somehow, I got to staring at that interestingly white packaging and began to find reasons that I (or you) might want to re-invest in the franchise.

There are a few reasons that make this latest release tempting:

1) (For those of you who are in my boat) THE DIGI-BOOK. Collectors salivate over such things...and though I'm not a hard core collector, for a movie as important as The Matrix was and is to cinematic history, I can feel somewhat justified in dropping some additional coin on the same movie. While I can't find a decent description of what is actually in the book (from Warner anyway), it's does look to have some nice pix in it...I suppose.

2) Now, for those of you who don't own the THE ULTIMATE MATRIX or THE MATRIX REVISITED already, then it's a no-brainer. Pick it up. You'll love this baby in dazzling HD and will love the music related special features.

You'll get some awesome commentaries, among them a great commentary by composer DON DAVIS and a rare SCORE ONLY track. Additionally, you'll get a ton, as in 41 tracks, of enough electronica to explode a small moon.

3) The least convincing reason is that you absolutely have to have a digital copy of the movie. That's included in this release.

So there you have it and here you (and I) can get it. So much for my resolution.

The Matrix: 10th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray

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