Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Soundcast Interview: Brian Tyler

The Soundcast Interview:  Brian Tyler

Podcast People!

We're back...and we're faster and "furiousier" and "dragonballier" than ever! We are proud to deliver to you our recent interview with composer BRIAN TYLER. The prolific composer shares about his most recent projects: DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION, FAST AND FURIOUS, THE LAZARUS PROJECT and answers questions submitted by YOU! He also discusses his fascination for vests, the affect of Jerry Goldsmith's passing, and more! When you're done listening, please vote in our latest poll on our home page.

Also, The SoundCast is now available on iTunes, if that your preferred method of podification.

Episode Highlights

- Introduction: "Podcast People!" (00:00)
- Your busiest 12 months? (03:19)
- Keeping it fresh. (06:25)
- Multitasking (10:25)
- Signing before the film is shot. (12:20)
- What's up with the vests? (18:30)
- Do you think about the soundtrack audience? (21:20)
- Choosing the music to include on soundtracks (23:50)
- How do scheduling changes affect your writing? (28:16)
- How you use percussion. (31:00)
- Jerry Goldmsith's passing (34:35)
- How do you handle rejection? (38:50)
- Partition and Other smaller films (45:55)
- Summon the Conclusion (48:40)

Music Clips (Select musical clips contained in this podcast)

00:10: Fast and Furious: "Accelerator"
02:09: Dragonball Evolution: "The Legend"
18:54: Fast and Furious: "Outta Sight"
21:38: Dragonball Evolution: "Main Titles"
27:40: Fast and Furious: "Memorial"
31:00: Dragonball Evolution: "Fulums"
34:30: Timeline: "Eternal"
37:13: Rambo: "Rambo Theme"
45:40: Partition: "Partition"
48:50: Children of Dune: "Summon the Worms"

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