Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Soundtracks - Eden Log and Martyrs by Seppeku Paradigm

Free Soundtracks - Eden Log and Martyrs by Seppeku Paradigm

It's been a pretty good week for free soundtracks. Hasn't it? What soundtracks? haven't been following us on Twitter! Have you? Easily fixed here. So this free-music-news comes via our friends at Cinematical who got it via their friends at Twitch.

Alex and Willie Cort├ęs form SEPPEKU PARADIGM and they've made two of their original scores available...completely free! EDEN LOG and MARTYRS aren't going to be everyone's cup o' tea, but hey...they're check 'em, listen, and then decide.

Now, just to give you a general rundown, this is predominantly dark, disturbing, ambient stuff. If you're feeling particularly depressed or horrific, then this might fit the bill. There are a couple of vocal tracks between the two, but these films are sci-fi and horror flicks let's be real here.

With that, I'll end by saying "Happy Free Music Thursday!" We'll see if we can't dig up some free stuff for next week...maybe for Friday? That sounds better, "Free Music Friday!"

(Pssst. Hey...someone tweet us some free and legal music for next Friday, please.)

You can download EDEN LOG here

You can download MARTYRS here

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