Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wolfenstein Opening Cinematic with music by Bill Brown

Gametrailers recently posted the opening cinematic from the upcoming WOLFENSTEIN video game...and it's fantastic. The style of 3D animation is on par with FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN and THE FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS from THE ANIMATRIX. I have to say I was very entertained by this cutscene. I've loved the WOLFENSTEIN franchise, ever since I finished CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN way back in the day. RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN scared the crap out of me...and I don't think I ever finished it, but had hours of fun in multiplayer. Now, WOLFENSTEIN is back...and it looks like it will be a triumphant return.

Of course, well remembered in RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN is the music of composer BILL BROWN and he's back to score this next-gen edition of WOLFENSTEIN. It will be great to hear his handiwork again!

So how is the game looking (and sounding) to you?

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  1. Sounds good, hears hoping we are treated to a score release of some type.


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