Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing Marius Masalar and Vince Chang

Introducing Marius Masalar and Vince Chang

While you've likely already seen their handiwork on the site, I'd like to officially welcome two very cool and talented dudes to the Tracksounds team...and finally give them a proper introduction on the site. Say "Hello" to Marius Masalar and Vince Chang.

Marius Masalar will be contributing soundtrack reviews (you can read his debut review on Star Trek here). He will be also conducting composer interviews and lending his talents to other areas of the site as well. Did you catch him in episode #7 of The SoundCast? He is already an accomplished composer, running Matthazar Studios, and writer... and a big-time gamer, although I've yet to personally try his skills!

Vince Chang will also be writing soundtrack reviews (bolstering, among others, our coverage in the areas of Anime soundtracks), conducting interviews, running our site's contests (last chance to enter the Star Trek contest, btw), and is the admin on our Facebook Fan Page. Vince is a talented violinist and has just nabbed his music degree at CSU Fullerton.

As with all our past contributors (Steve Townsley, Cap Stewart, Matt Peterson), I'm grateful and excited to work with both Marius and Vince, who share the same passion for this genre of music. I know you will enjoy their work on the site.

Feel free to say "Hello" to Marius and Vince:

marius [at] tracksounds [dot] com
vcmusik [at] tracksounds [dot] com



  1. Hey, that's great news! You've had too much on your plate for too long. Maybe you can actually do normal human things again, like eat and sleep and such. ;-)

  2. Indeed! I might just be able to sneak in a little of that, but, as they say, "nature abhors a vacuum."


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