Friday, May 01, 2009

Smule launches Leaf Trombone - Music Multiplayer Gaming for your iPhone!

Smule launches Leaf Trombone - Music Multiplayer Gaming for your iPhone!

Attention all you iPhoners! Smule the creators of the Ocarina (the first true musical instrument app created for the iPhone) recently released LEAF TROMBONE WORLD STAGE! Now, even though I don't have an iPhone (yet...donations are welcome), the concept for this app is just full of apple-y-goodness! Not only can you compose and perform your own music, you can add accompaniment via Musicbox. You can go a step further with World Stage and hook up with two of your Leaf Trombone friends and have a real-time performance contest - judging one anothers skills! Be a "top performer" and fill your virtual trophy case! There's even a browser based composer which allows you to write, save, and distribute your creations.

So give Guitar Hero and Rock Band a rest and check out Leaf Trombone for a spell.

Below is the official press release.

Smule ( announced that its Leaf Trombone World Stage application, the world’s first massively multi-player musical game for the iPhone and iPod touch, and is seeing unprecedented levels of user participation and contributions since the product’s release on April 17th. The number of user performances and shared compositions is already outpacing Smule’s hugely popular Ocarina application, demonstrating a rare example of an iPhone app in which the community actually helps build the product’s value proposition through their contributions and interaction.

To date, Leaf Trombonists have performed over 100,000 times on the World Stage, being judged by fellow Leaf Trombonists and accumulating standings within the user base. The community has quickly embraced the gaming elements of the application, making the already compelling musical instrument a richly interactive experience.

In addition to performing, users of Leaf Trombone have already created more than 1,442 compositions using Smule's new online Leaf Trombone Composer. This surge in user contributions has occurred in only two weeks -- a huge leap from the1,450 Ocarina compositions users have shared in the six months since Ocarina was released.

The Composer, which is available free for Leaf Trombone users, is a sophisticated, browser-based tool. Leaf Trombonists can build complex musical tracks for Leaf Trombone (including accompaniment for the music box), save their creations online, and publish them. Fellow trombonists can then access these compositions directly through the application on their iPhone or iPod touch. Composers can even import their favorite Ocarina scores with the Leaf Trombone Composer. Check it out at:

Some examples of user generated compositions include:

Oh Canada:

Super Mario Brothers Theme:

Auld Lang Syne:

To date, Leaf Trombone has reached the Top Ten in 13 Apple App Stores worldwide, including the United States, France, Portugal, Germany, and the UK among others. In addition, yesterday Apple named Leaf Trombone the Apple App Store "Pick of the Week"

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