Monday, June 01, 2009

New Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer is Bard Arse!

Now THIS is what it's all about! Straight up...bard arse! No countless droids or clonetroopers that no one cares about...but Jedi Versus Sith and lots of em. This is exactly what my 7 year old brain imagined when Obi Wan first uttered "The Clone Wars" in Star Wars: A New Hope. (Of course, I didn't know what a 'clone' was at that age, but I knew it had to have been some great war with the Jedi).

Thirty plus years later, I'm still looking for that itch to be scratched...and, by Jove, I think they are getting close...if this trailer is any indication. This just gets my long-dormant, Star Wars juices moving again. I'm not sure how the game will turn out, but I know I'll be into the cutscenes for sure! I'm looking to LucasArts and Bioware to fan my flames of Star Wars fandom...because they are all but dead. (They might be a little stronger, if I could have passed that bloody Star Destroyer level in The Force Unleashed...but I only have one life to live.)

Oh yes...the music in the trailer appears to be all pre-existing John Williams material. As much as I love Williams' music, I have high hopes for some fresh music for this game.

So what do you think of this trailer?

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