Saturday, June 13, 2009

SoundCast Interview with David Robidoux (Truth in 24)

SoundCast Interview with David Robidoux (Truth in 24)

Interview: David Robidoux (Truth in 24)
Composer David Robidoux shares about his latest project TRUTH IN 24, a NFL Films documentary focusing on the Audi Race Team and their competition in the 24 hours at LeMans race.

Recorded June 04, 12, 2009
Published June 12, 2009

Episode Highlights

00:00 - Opening
02:25 - Interview part I: How did NFL Films come to do this project?
08:55 - Interview part II: How the score works within this documentary
18:15 - Interview part III: Working on this project versus NFL features
25:02 - Interview part IV: Variety with intensity
36:55 - Episode Close and Credits

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 The Great Race - Truth in 24 (David Robidoux)
07:05 Truth in 24 - Truth in 24 (David Robidoux)
16:23 Man and Machine - Truth in 24 (David Robidoux)
23:45 The Perfect Race - Truth in 24 (David Robidoux)
35:26 Winning It All - Truth in 24 (David Robidoux)

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