Friday, July 24, 2009

More Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to come. More new music, too?

More Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to come.  More new music, too?

UPDATE: 7/26/09

Well, some sad news. We won't be hearing any new music from composer Mark Griskey for any of the DLC or Ultimate Sith Edition. Of course, that doesn't mean there won't be ANY new music at all, but looking pretty doubtful at this point.


And even more news from the Star Wars galaxy...

Also announced at Comic-Con today, LucasArts tells us that there is more DLC (downloadable content) coming for THE FORCE UNLEASHED for both Xbox360 and PS3. It will be available sometime this Fall. That's all well and good and I'm fairly excited about that, but they've gone the next step and announced THE FORCE UNLEASHED: THE ULTIMATE SITH EDITION!

Looking good. No? As you saw in the teaser, this new DLC and Ultimate Sith Edition will explore the question "What if the dark side had won?" Now, who wouldn't want to play through the answer to that?

Admittedly, I'm scratching my head a little over the marketing strategy: make the first part of this new storyline available as DLC, but make us have to buy the new edition to complete the storyline. Seems like a double-dip of the Sith kind. me weak-minded, because I'll be forkin' over the dollars to finish that story. Plus, battling an aging Obi Wan and Boba Fett? Impossible to resist, the double-dip is.

Last of all, could all of this new content mean some additional new music from MARK GRISKEY and/or JESSE HARLIN? This alternative storyline is begging for some new thematic material. Let's hope I'm right.

You can check out more on The Force Unleashed: Ulimate Sith Edition at the official site.

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