Friday, August 14, 2009

Soundcast Interview: Clinton Shorter (District 9) + Visual Edition

Soundcast Interview: Clinton Shorter (District 9) + Visual Edition

Well before you head out to your favorite multiplex to check out DISTRICT 9, why not check out our latest SoundCast interview first? Or even after you get back from the theater...that works, too. And today, we launch our visual edition of the SoundCast! Ok. So it's no groundbreaking technology, but it is our transcription of the interview, which is a decent amount of work. Also, "visual edition" sounds a lot hotter than "our transcript." In any event, if you are more inclined to reading than you are listening to podcast then our transcrip...err...visual edition is just for you.

Interview: Clinton Shorter (District 9)

Recorded August 12, 2009
Published August 14, 2009

Episode Highlights

00:28 - Opening - Intro - It's all about "District 9"
03:48 - Part I - How much attention has District 9 brought to you?
06:40 - Part II- Was the short "Alive in Jo'burg" an influence?
09:13 - Part III - Working in indigenous sounds of Africa
11:20 - Part IV - Peter Jackson's creative influence
13:30 - Part V - What composers have influenced you over the years?
14:10 - Part VI - Twitter submitted questions
16:00 - Part VII - Did you have your eye on the Halo movie?
17:25 - Part VIII - Are you working on the next Neil Blomkamp film?
18:50 - Part IX - The District 9 soundtrack release
19:58 - Closing

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 Exosuit - District 9 (Clinton Shorter)
02:34 Distric 9 - District 9 (Clinton Shorter)
08:40 A Lot of Secrets - District 9 (Clinton Shorter)
19:37 Distric 9 - District 9 (Clinton Shorter)

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