Friday, September 25, 2009

3 Minutes of Avatar: The Game - Not Very Horner-like

You've probably seen the recent in-game footage released for the highly anticipated video game tie-in for James Cameron's AVATAR. Seeing this footage, I'm reminded of LOST PLANET 2 (a game I can hardly wait to play). Not only that, but the in-game music sounds more like the work of JAMIE CHRISTOPHERSON, composer for Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2, than it does anything James Horner would ever do. Now, I'm not saying it's bad at all. The music seems to fit into the mold of the first or third person shooter well enough...just nothing extraordinary.

Given Cameron's desire to "connect" the game with the film, I'd expect that to roll over to the music as well. So what to make of this 3 minutes, then? Perhaps it's not the finished game score? I bet that it is. Perhaps, then, it actually is something along the lines that Horner has done for the film? I'd be fraggerghasted, if that's the case.

So I'm betting this is the actual in-game music. All that is left is to find out who the composer (or composers) are. Ubisoft, we're waiting.


  1. The composer is Chance Thomas, according to MovieScore Magazine.

  2. And so it is! Thanks Edwin. That's a surprising pick to me.


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