Friday, September 04, 2009

Time to Get Pon-ed! - The Movie and Music of Ponyo

Time to Get Pon-ed!  - The Movie and Music of Ponyo

HAYAO MIYAZAKI's PONYO (shortened from GAKE NO UE NO PONYO, lit. PONYO ON TOP OF THE CLIFF) is STUDIO GHIBLI's latest movie to hit stateside, and it's been doing very well, not to anyone's surprise. The film reached 9th place in the U.S. box office charts in its first week, with an estimated $3,506,000 in earnings, which makes it the 8th highest grossing theatrical anime release in the United States. The combination of being completely hand-drawn and being shown immediately after a string of trailers for DISNEY / PIXAR's upcoming 3D-CGI films, almost does itself a disservice, making it seem like a dated film, but MIYAZAKI wouldn't do it any other way. He even had the CG department at STUDIO GHIBLI dissolved before the production of PONYO began...

MIYAZAKI's long-time, feature composer, JOE HISAISHI, brings us an enthralling score once again, but in a much more upbeat fashion compared to the last few GHIBLI films. As cliché as it might sound, the two go together so well that they might loosely be considered the STEVEN SPIELBERG and JOHN WILLIAMS of anime feature films.

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