Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Music Clips from Avatar: The Game by Chance Thomas

While AVATAR continues to dominate the moviehouses around the globe, it's tie-in game, hasn't quite garnered the same level of success.  Still, there is at least one element of the game deserving of a greater spotlight and that is its original score.

Check out a couple of samples from CHANCE THOMAS' stellar work for AVATAR:  THE GAME below.  Unfortunately, there aren't any current plans for an official soundtrack release, and after you hear these bits, I'm betting your only going to want one all the more.

There.  Now isn't a full release warranted?  If you think so, then left Ubisoft know!  In the meantime, enjoy those clips as much as you like and check out our recent SoundCast-interview with composer CHANCE THOMAS here.

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