Friday, January 22, 2010

Unreleased? Klaus Badelt's Original Score for Solomon Kane

SOLOMON KANE is slowly making his way around the way of its theatrical release.  As of yet, there has been no official word on a soundtrack release, which is nothing short of mindboggling.  If you have listened to the pieces above, then you already know why I make such a statement.  If you haven't listened yet....what are you waiting for?

Once again composer KLAUS BADELT proves his prowess with a score that will satisfy the action-hounds as well as sooth the savage beast with his tranquil melodies.  Badelt rarely disappoints and it sounds as though he's got the all the eyes on the stove burning for SOLOMON KANE.

Given some of the lackluster scores that find their way onto CD these days, there is no good reason why this Badelt project should not see a full release...and by "full release" I mean in full-CD glory.  Of course, we know how things can go and sometimes a very deserving score just doesn't see the laser-light of day, so in case not, please enjoy the tracks above as often as you like!


Good news!  According to KLAUS BADELT's official site a soundtrack is forthcoming!  Check it here:

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